Are N95 Masks An Effective Protection Against Covid?

Rising Covid cases and the spread of the Delta variant, plus the introduction of the Mu variant, has kept people wondering about the need for using masks. Is the use of mask still needed despite being vaccinated? Will using an N95 mask still help protect against Covid? If so, what N95 mask to buy? What should you look for when buying an n95 mask?

There are seven states that still require the use of face masks in public settings, whether or not people are vaccinated against covid19. These are Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, and Washington. Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia have similar rules. 

In May and June, many states eased or eliminated mask orders when the CDC said that fully vaccinated people can forego the use of masks. But with the rise of coronavirus cases due to the delta variant, revised guidelines have taken place and the use of masks have been required in some areas. 

N95 masks is still the best protection when it comes to covid protection. The mask filters 95% of non-oil based airborne particles down to the size of just 3-micron particles.

Cloth masks have been deemed as ineffective. They do not provide the needed filtration protection, correct fitting, and has no seal to prevent breathing of infected air.

Due to being the most effective mask against covid, a lot of fake n95 masks providers have cropped up. They sell inexpensive masks however, these counterfeit masks have not been approved by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and may not be effective.

What n95 mask to buy and what should you look for when buying n95 masks?

When buying n95 masks, look for the NIOSH certification. Real N95 masks features a NIOSH seal and approval number that certifies that the mask has been tested and it can protect you from viruses and diseases. When looking for where to buy N95 masks online, choose to purchase from an approved supplier. The CDC offers a list of approved manufacturers and you can go through the list to suppliers where you can purchase from. Avoid sellers that sell the masks at a very cheap price as more often than not, these are counterfeit products. There are also sellers of fake goods on platforms like Amazon, so it is best to go for a CDC certified N95 mask seller like Bielcor.

Aside from that, check the fit and feel of the mask. The mask should not be too loose and not too tight, it should be able to fit your face size and shaper perfectly. Check to make sure that it does not fog up, should you be wearing eyeglasses. 

The N95 mask is still your best protection against covid. Purchase your n95 mask from and protect yourself, your family, and the community from the disease!