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Mission Quest Flight Simulation Lab | 6th – 12th Grade Students

The Mission Quest Flight Simulation Program is for groups of students in grades 6th-12th.  This  3-hour program involves planning and flying a mission.  Mission success depends upon working together as a team for mutual support.  Students will fly the B-1, C-17 or F-15 flight simulators.  The state of the art software and hardware create an exciting and accurate experience.

Basic instruction includes:

  • Aerodynamics / Basic Flight Physics / Communications
  • Situational Awareness / Flight Planning & Chart Use
  • Teamwork / Decision Making / Risk Assessment
  • Aerospace Math / Science & Technology

Recent renovations make Mission Quest a state of the art facility for simulated flight and non-combat aviation applications. Currently, this program is not approved for FAA flight licensure or official flight log time but has been proven to be an excellent platform for maintaining and improving aviation skills.

Group Program:

  • Programs are offered Monday – Saturday from 9am to noon or 1pm-4pm | Program must be scheduled in advance
  • Minimum of 10 participants, maximum of 16, $15 per person


Mission Quest Aviation Outreach | 6th-12th Grades & Special Events

Mission Quest Aviation Outreach is a 50-minute program for 6th – 12th-grade students.  The program is taught by Museum of Aviation STEM Specialists at the school site.  Please contact the Museum to schedule the Aviation Outreach program for your school.

Program includes:

  • Aerodynamics / Aerospace History
  •  Bernoulli’s Principle / Pilot Licensing
  • F-15 Eagle Cockpit Display

Group Program:

  • Each 50-minute program is suitable for approximately 25 students and costs $150.
  • Each additional program on that same day costs $125 each.
  • The program requires one classroom space and one paved area for the F-15 cockpit.

An additional travel charge will be added for any school or destination farther than 45 miles from the Museum of Aviation in Warner Robins, Georgia.  The mileage rate will be calculated and charged at the time of scheduling.


Air Traffic Control Lab | 6th-12th Grades

ATC is a 3-hour program for groups of students in grades 6th-12th.  Students learn about the interesting and challenging careers of air traffic controllers.  Controllers are responsible for moving aircraft safely through the skies around the world.

In this workshop, students learn about the roles of radar arrival, radar departure, and the flight data specialists in a real world environment of Atlanta’s  Hartsfield-Jackson Airport.  Students will work as a team just as in a real radar center.

This program is perfect for scouts, CAP, JROTC, or any other group interested in the career of Air Traffic Control or  wanting a great team building exercise.

Group Program:

  • Programs are scheduled Monday – Saturday from 9am to 12 noon
  • Afternoon programs available upon request, Program must be scheduled in advance.
  • Group Size:   Minimum 6 and Maximum 14, $15 per person


Mission Quest Homeschool Workshop Series | 6th – 12th Grades

Classes are offered once a month, August through April. Each month features a different theme and students will explore science, technology, engineering and mathematics through engaging, hands-on activities.

Group Program:

  • Hours for the “Mission Quest Homeschool Field Trip Days” are 9:00am – 12:00pm. Cost is $15 per student.
  • Spaces are limited, pre-registration is required.

To register, please complete the registration form and mail in with payment 

2016-2017 Mission Quest  6th – 12th Grade Schedule

Dates (Spots left as of Sept. 26, 2016.  Classes close daily. Please email for updated availability)


Aug. 8    (0)

Flight Simulation 1.0

Sept. 12     (0)

Air Traffic Control

Oct. 3      (1)

Space Exploration 1.0

Nov. 7       (1)


Jan. 9       (1)

Flight Simulation 2.0

Feb. 6      (1)

Space Exploration 2.0

Mar. 6      (1)

Survival/Land Navigation

Apr. 3       (1)

Flight Simulation 3.0

For more information or questions, please contact Valerie Myers at  478-222-7580 or email

Mission Quest Homeschool Registration



Advanced Aeronautical Science Series for Homeschool Students | 6th – 12th Grades

 This is a series of 8 classes that are offered once a month, August through April (except December) and cannot be offered any other way.

When you register, you will be registering for all 8 classes. These classes will take place in our Mission Quest Flight Simulation Lab where students will learn what it’s like to be a real pilot through advanced aeronautical lessons.

Group Program:

  • Hours for the Aeronautical Science Series are 9:00am – 12:00pm.
  • Cost is $110 each for all nine classes.
  • Spaces are limited, pre-registration is required.

To register, please complete the registration form and mail in with payment 

2016-2017 Advanced Aeronautical Science Series Schedule



(The Aeronautical Series Class is closed for registration)

Aug. 22 Flight Simulation 1.0/Intro to Navigation
Sept. 26 Flight Simulation 2.0/Aerodynamics, forces of

flight, night flight

Oct. 24 Flight Simulation 3.0/Formation Flight
Nov. 28 Flight Simulation 4.0/Combat I

Operation Eagle Claw 2

Jan. 23 Flight Simulation 5.0/Intro to Cessna Operations
Feb. 27 Flight Simulation 6.0/Instrument Landings
Mar. 20 Flight Simulation 7.0/Combat II

Operation Grand Slam

Apr. 17 Leisure Flight, Miami to Key West

For more information or questions, please contact Valerie Myers at  478-222-7580 or email

Aeronautical Science Series Registration


Guided History Tours | Age 5 – Adult

Explore World History through exhibits and aircraft at The Museum of Aviation! Guided Tours are history-based tours led by trained staff from the Museum of Aviation Education Center.

You will also go inside the C-130 “Hercules” airplane for an Inside-an-aircraft experience. 

While inside the C-130 “Hercules,” you will watch a video on paratroopers and other missions performed by the C-130.

To correlate the Guided Tour specifically to your classroom curriculum, please advise when scheduling.  Standards that can be met are SSH6 (a)(b)(d)(e).

Group Program:

  • Guided Tours last approximately 1.5 hours.
  • The Guided Tour will include one or more buildings.
  • The minimum number of students required for a tour is 20 and the maximum number is 90.
  • Guided Tours are offered Tuesday – Saturday
  • Fee: $3 per participant

GA Studies Tour | 6th – 12 grade

This tour highlights our home-town WWII hero and accomplished author Robert L. Scott who was from Macon, Georgia. His adventurous life included achievements in scouting, an incredible military career, and the experience of walking the Great Wall of China. The students will go inside the Lockheed-Martin C-130 Hercules Airplane for an inside-an-aircraft experience. Robins Air Force Base is a service depot for C-130s and students will learn of its history and how Paratroopers use this plane after being trained at Fort Benning, GA. A short video about the plane will be shown.

The tour will end with a Scavenger Hunt activity.

Group Program:

  • The Georgia Studies Tour lasts approximately 2 hours.
  • The minimum number required for the tour is 25 students and the maximum is 75 students.
  • Georgia Studies Tours are conducted Tuesday – Saturdays
  • Fee: $5 per participant