How Do I Make a Window Decal From an Inkjet Printer?

How Do I Make a Window Decal From an Inkjet Printer?

You may not think you can learn how to make a custom window decals from an inkjet printer, but the truth is you can. It’s surprisingly easy to use these devices and they can even print plain white vinyl decals for a fraction of the cost of those high-end decals with their hefty price tags. In fact, if you use your decal sheet in a regular inkjet printer, you will get better quality and a higher quantity of colors than you would ever pay at the store.

How do I make a window decal from an inkjet printer


There are two main options when learning how to make a car decals from an inkjet printer. There are the ones that come already loaded with ink on the printable vinyl sheet and there are those that come without it. If you are printing your own decals, then you really don’t even need to print them from the printer. Some of the plain vinyl decal sheets available in stores include the ones that come already loaded. Simply cut the printable vinyl into the shape of the image you want and simply push it into place with the included hole punching tool.

What printers are used to print clear window decals?

You may think that since you are learning how to make a decal from an inkjet printer, you won’t be able to change it. You couldn’t be more wrong. Check these window clings. There are some decal sheet types that are only available as an inkjet replacement piece. You can find them easily enough by looking online or at your local office supply store.

The most popular among inkjet replacement decals is the transparency decal. These decals have tiny holes that allow the light to shine through and transform the image on the sheet into a colorful image. Because the holes are small, you can create a lot of images and patterns with decals like this. The downside is that these decals usually come in only single colors. But if you are going for a very unique or a custom decal, then they are definitely worth the investment.

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Another popular type of decal is the envelope decal. While you can use regular inkjet paper to print this decal, the real beauty is that you can have it printed in full color. You will also have the ability to choose what font you would like the lettering to appear in. This is perfect if you are trying to create a personalized message to mail out to people in an envelope.

Another option for printing a decal from an inkjet printer is the gradient decal. This is a bit different than the transparent one. This kind has two different images that are printed in order to form a gradient. This is a great way to create an image that will go from light to dark or from dark to light and everything in between.

What are types of decals?

To print this type of decal, you will need to take some plain paper and outline it on the inkjet printer. You can use your pencil to easily mark the outline of the shape that you want to have printed. Then you will need to take a second plain piece of paper and print out the exact same shape, but this time you will want to do it in gray. You will have a black outline that you will be working around to fill in.

Finally, you are ready to print the decal sheet! All that is left is to place the black inkjet paper on top of your original artwork and simply push the print button. A few seconds later you will have a beautiful decal that you made by yourself. If you are interested in learning more, be sure to check out my website!