Guo Da Li

Guo Da Li

guo da li

Guo Da Li, sometimes called guo da li charcot-marie, is an ancient Chinese tradition in which families of newly-weds prepare for a marriage ceremony by offering each other betrothal gifts. This is the most important ceremony for a newly wedded couple, since it marks the beginning of their marital relationship. It is normally held two to four months before the actual wedding day where the bride’s family welcomes the groom’s family to their home and present him with gifts. Gifts may range from simple household items to more expensive ones, depending on the couple’s financial status. This custom originated during the ancient times when Confucius, a Chinese philosopher, mentioned that the exchange of betrothal gifts is a test of how much the couple has cared for one another. In modern times, this occasion is regarded as the perfect occasion to demonstrate one’s true feelings for another person.


Commonly exchanged betrothal gifts include silvers or dried plums, jellies, fresh fruits, cakes, and cookies. These are commonly dried in large clay pots, while some brides opt for the convenience of having the gifts ready to be given during the ceremony. Many brides prefer to have the gifts they bring home presented on a silver tray so that the guests can easily add them to their own pots as they make their way to the reception. One of the most popular betrothal gift choices is a set of six dried plums wrapped in silver paper with an engrave saying, “Congratulations, cousin Tie Dong.”


If you are looking for a practical gift for a Chinese bride, consider bringing her a guo da li items, which is a small ceramic figure of a woman holding a flower in her arms and a lily in her mouth. Typically, guo da li figurines are round and come in different sizes. Because of the symbolism of these figures, Chinese artists have been crafting these dolls as an accompaniment to traditional betrothal ceremonies for hundreds of years. Guo da li figurines represent love and marriage, two ideal subjects for the betrothal ceremony.


Another useful betrothal gift items that you may want to purchase are roosters. Since many people in China associate the rooster with the martial arts, you can choose to purchase one as a symbolic representation of your love. In Chinese culture, a groom presents his bride with a pair of roosters after proposing to her. The typical red rooster stands for loyalty and strength, two qualities that a bride needs as she begins her new married life together. Red is also a symbol of love, so presenting a rooster is also a wise choice.


You can also find guo da li figurines that symbolize good fortune. These items are great presents for any Asian-American wedding because they not only signify love, but fortune as well. In Chinese culture, the groom presents his bride with a set of coins when she is getting ready to get married. Given these symbolic connotations, many Chinese couples choose to purchase these coins as a symbolic representation of luck, love, and prosperity as they begin their new lives together.


To complete your collection, you can always purchase additional pieces. A good way to see all the available types is to browse online shops. Chinese items such as these figurines can be found just about anywhere, so you won’t have any difficulty finding what you’re looking for. In fact, many online stores offer a wide variety of unique custom designs for Chinese weddings, making it easy to get the perfect piece to represent your Chinese heritage.


Although there are a few more traditional types of Chinese wedding items available, many people choose to follow the trend set by the guo da li. Because this item is so popular, there are now a large number of shops selling them. However, there are still a few notable online shops that offer some of the best deals in the industry. You can find several different pieces from these notable shops, allowing you to complete your collection with the right figurine for your Chinese wedding.


Dragon and rabbit, two symbols from ancient Chinese culture are some of the most common motifs used for these betrothal figurines. Many people opt to purchase these figurines as gifts for their loved ones. They are even used as decorative pieces in homes or offices around the world. Because of the popularity of dragon and rabbit figures, you will likely be able to find the exact piece you are looking for. You may even be able to use a combination of different styles to create something new and interesting. For many Chinese people, guo da li are an important part of their cultural tradition, and represent the bond between husband and wife.