Finding the Right Knife Lock

You`ll require the correct knife locking device for any folding knife that has an adjustable clipbelt clip, rotary clip. Before making any decisionsit is vital to select the appropriate size of opening to fit your knife. Your knife should have a limited lifetime guarantee against corrosion to protect you from humidity and water. Additionally, the knife itself must be able to stand up to continuous use over the course of its.

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The majority of folding knife locks have a safety catch , or safety guard.

This is a combination lock designed to block opening when the handle and blade are being used. This locking device will stop the blade from opening when it is activated. As a further safeguardthis knife lock comes with a thumb release latch made to stop accidental operation by the user.

A clip or rotating mechanism is found on the majority of folding knives. 

The mechanism opens the plastic tube that is attached to the handle. It is located in the handle or in the blade. A blade lift system with automatic operation can be included in the knife. It can move the blade forward or lock it when the automatic blade lifting mechanism is engaged. Push button locks and manual blade lifts arealso available.

There are various types of locking devices that are available.

The most widely used locking device is the fixed blade guard. This attaches to blade`s handle using twoor more screws or pins. This locking device will stop the blade from opening when it is in use. It also provides only a limited slip protection and will not damage your pocketbook.


Side guards are a different locking devicethat is available. The side guards are made to stretch along their length and rotate up when the knife is opened. It will latch into place once the blade is closed. Some side guards have an opening or lip on the top. The flap can hinder users from opening their knife when the blade is closed.


On the other hand, a thumb protector will prevent the blade from being damaged , or the lock from opening If the user does manage to pull the knife`s handle. The thumb protector is a thin piece of plastic that fits over the handle of the blade. It`s designed to be placed over the handle of your knife and protect the blade`s tip. It will slide over the blade`s sharp edgeto protect it from being damaged or even broken. The thumb protectant is most useful when you carry the knife, but it may also be useful in other situations.


Drop guards are the final locking device we`ll discuss. 

A drop guard is a pieceof metal that fits over the blade of a pocket knife. It prevents the knife dropping into your pocket by keeping it shut. It`s made to be opened by a finger or thumb when it`s in use however it is also able to be opened manually well.


It can be difficult to locate the right locking mechanism for a pocket knife.

Although most use a standard mechanism , like the lever, some employ springs to close the knife. Make sure you choose the lock that is compatible with the pocket knife you carry. Also, ensure that the lock can be opened easily in the event that your knife gets lost.